Serving Women's Healthcare Needs


The doctors and staff of Southern Westchester OB/GYN Associates provide our pregnant patients with care throughout their pregnancy.

From conception to verifying pregnancy, to delivering, our experienced medical team provides the very best obstetrical medical care.

Our prenatal program includes regular medical check-ups for the expecting mother, patient education, access to birthing class information, and more.

For patients that are in the high risk obstetrics category, we provide these additional services:

Prenatal Care & Delivery

Obstetric visits Prenatal care & counseling Ultrasounds
Prenatal ultrasound Cesarean Delivery
Preterm labor Circumcision
Ultrasounds Genetic Screening
Cesarean Delivery Vaginal Delivery
Circumcision Umbilical Cord Blood Collection
Genetic Screening Cervical cerclage
Vaginal Delivery Circumcision - Infant
Umbilical Cord Blood Collection  

High Risk Obstetrics

Amniocentesis Gestational Diabetes
Hypertension in Pregnancy Incompetent Cervix
Premature Labor Twin Pregnancy
Athena Health Patient Portal
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